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Discover, organize, and save images.

You currently need an invitation to join. If you can't find anyone to invite you, send me an email at rustywalrus-at-gmail.com.

How does it work? Easy as pie is how it works!

Sets: collections of images

Make sets for all your pictures of Inspirational Design or Cute Kittens. Have as many as you'd like. If others like your set, they can "follow" it, and see all the cool new stuff you post.

Bookmarklet: save images on-the-fly from any website

Drag the bookmarklet into your favorites toolbar and click it whenever you're on a webpage with images you'd like to save. Click on any image with a blue border to save it.

About RustyWalrus

RustyWalrus is designed to be clutter-free, streamlined, and simple. If you're a member and feel that something should be fixed, added, or removed, please use our feedback forum. Otherwise, drop us a line at rustywalrus-at-gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you.