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Bamboo Construction

Bamboo joinery, connections, and structures.

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bamboo joint by regenerativedesign.Arch 384: Competition Elective: Kyle Elderhorst and David ShelliStar Connectorswhere would we be without cocktail napkins - johnpaulBamboo Joinery 3 by Brian WightmanEvo bamboo joint connectorBamboo Joints, Oscar Antonio Arce-Villalobos, 1993Bamboo dome at SENAC Copacabana - by BambuBrasileiro - bambubrasBamboo Truss - by Quarta Parede - bambubrasileiroBamboo Truss - by Quarta Parede - bambubrasileiroSawing a pole lengthwise - bandsaw - Sawing a pole lengthwise - Cutting Bamboo: At the node - Cutting Bamboo: At the node - CaroConnector for bamboo - Mark Mortimer